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IMMUNE SYSTEM – The Body’s Defense Department
Your immune system is an extremely complex system that, when functioning properly fights bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. You have to understand the complexity of your immune system. Your job is to understand what your body requires to when your immune system provide those essential needs to your body in the proper form and with right amount. Virtually every single person on earth has nutritional deficiencies of varying degrees

Our current method of agriculture leaves food without many essential nutrients and micronutrients. You would have to eat 5 times as much food as your grandparents did to receive the same nutritional value in your diet.

Immune system involves the skin, intestines, nasal mucosa, blood, lymph, and many other organs and tissues. Factors that unfair the immune system includes nutritional deficiencies, contaminated air, water, food, unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to harmful microbes. Other factors which weaken the immune system are presence of toxic metal, toxic chemicals, biological toxic in the body. An antibiotic used to fight infection actually depresses the immune system.

It is a complete nutritional powder consists of all necessary nutrients needed for the healthy body. It contains proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates’, minerals, etc. It fulfills all the lack of balanced diet. It is a balanced nutrition for good health. It is available in vanilla flavour. Some of the essential nutrients present in NUTRIMAX

Building your body’s structural elements, such as bones, tendons, cartilage, muscle, skin and hair, are made up in large part by proteins. Maintaining Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in your body. Proteins also act as blood transport devices, carrying crucial substances such as oxygen to various body parts. Blood sugar regulation and blood clotting mechanisms also rely on protein. Your body’s chemical messengers and metabolic regulators–otherwise known as hormones–are made from protein, too. Defending protein is used to make antibodies – one of your body’s weapons for fighting disease.

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